How to eat clean?

The concept of “clean eating” has become rather popular, especially among the working population. Awareness regarding the harmful nature of processed food and the desire to lead a longer and fruitful life is the reason behind the same.

It’s not too difficult to eat clean- as long as one is willing to put in the necessary effort. First of all, one must restrict the amount of processed food consumed, for packaged and processed food is highly unnatural and terrible for long-term health. One should also start consuming higher amount of fresh vegetables and fruits as a part of their meal. As the saying goes- the more colourful your plate is during a meal, the healthier you are eating. Make sure there are enough greens on the plate, as well.


People who want to jump on to the clean eating bandwagon must make sure that they cut down their consumption of saturated fats. Alcohol consumption should be limited, especially as one grows older. It will be good for people to reduce their salt and sugar intake right at the beginning. One should also reduce the portion of meat consumed during every meal, so that they get a balanced diet, without ignoring the other nutrients.

These are some of the simplest concepts that will help those who want to start eating healthy. These steps are not too difficult- so it will be easier for people to adapt to this lifestyle.


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