The Newest Gadget for Healthy Desserts


Healthy desserts reward healthy eating.
Photo credit: LoriHorwedel / Foter / CC BY-NC


You have to know what is in  your food to eat healthy, which means you’ll probably do more cooking, in your own kitchen, than trusting others with your fat and sugar intake. When I started my healthy eating quest, I realized that my kitchen wasn’t ready. Pots, Pans, a coffeemaker, and a stove were not enough equipment for chopping and shredding vegetables, and my refrigerator’s freezer was not appropriate for long term storage. Most of all, I needed a pantry of some sort, to store dried beans, rices, and bulk packages of herbs and seasonings.

Thanks to Ferratum UK, I have transformed my kitchen into a healthy eating paradise. After buying my freezer and food processor, I had enough left to get something special, so I bought a Yonanas 986 Elite Healthy Dessert Maker. After all, healthy eating doesn’t have to end pleasure, and I want to reward myself for changing my eating habits. Serving healthy desserts to family and friends may help convince them to join my cause, as well! I haven’t tried my dessert maker, yet, but I’ve invited a friend to join me for its maiden voyage.

Healthy eating shouldn’t feel like a punishment, especially with permanent changes. How do you reward your healthy eating habits?


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