Good Eating Habits Include Avoiding Products with Additives

Our diets will certainly be devoid of vital nutrients if we are mainly eating highly refined- and over-processed foods.  Essential nutrients which are so critical to good health, should come from the foods we eat. However, today agricultural soils lack minerals. The use of insecticides as well as our fruits and vegetables being artificially ripened means they have a low content of certain essential nutrients. Not only that, modern foods have toxic preservatives in them and nitrates and nitrites for instance are found in foods such as processed meats.  Benzoic acid and sulphur dioxide are found in soft drinks and salad dressings.

healthy eating
These days every one of us is pressed for time and we become over reliant on fast foods which nearly always have a high fat and low nutrient content. Unfortunately on these kind of unhealthy diets, we aren’t only under-nourished but sadly overweight as well.

Eat Raw Organic Foods

Certainly people who eat large quantities of organically grown fruit and vegetables are at a lower risk of developing certain cancers or coronary heart disease. In hospitals and clinics, creating a balance in nutrition is a challenge facing health care professionals who have to deal with patients with life-threatening diseases.

If it is impossible for you to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, it will become necessary to take vitamin and mineral supplements, more so if you smoke or drink alcohol or are stressed. Vitamin supplements deliver dependable doses of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to the body which are required for optimum health.


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