Acai Berry – Worth it?

In the past decade or so, there have been numerous claims of foods that are super for one reason or another.  The majority of these foods are supposed to help with weight loss or other aspects of healthy living, but do they really?  While it is easy to buy into the hype of these superfoods, it is best to know exactly what one is getting when they decide to trust the advertising that is making all of these extreme claims. Let me start with Acai Berry.

acai berry - superfood - fact or myth?

Acai berries were one of the first superfoods advertised.  These berries are alleged to promote weight loss, and can now be found in a wide variety of weight loss supplements, pills, teas and other dietary regimes.  The Mayo Clinic states that these berries do have some properties that could potentially make acai berries a healthy alternative.  Some of these benefits include a higher antioxidant count than other berries, fats that can promote heart health, and a high amount of fiber.   If Mayo Clinic admits to these healthy aspects of the berry, are they in fact a superfood?  Not as much as advertisers would like you to believe.   The fact is, there have been very few studies actually done on the health benefits of acai berries.  While they do have some very important health properties, it has not been proven that they are any better than the “average” fruit, and may have one major drawback.  Acai berries may affect MRI scans if they are eaten in high quantities.   While these berries are safe, it is important to ensure that you are not eating more than the recommended daily resource amount.  Also, be careful of products that contain acai berries that might also have other ingredients, like caffeine.  So, what is the verdict on acai berries?  They are healthy fruit, but the few studies that have been done fail to prove health benefits worthy of naming this as a superfood.


The Newest Gadget for Healthy Desserts


Healthy desserts reward healthy eating.
Photo credit: LoriHorwedel / Foter / CC BY-NC


You have to know what is in  your food to eat healthy, which means you’ll probably do more cooking, in your own kitchen, than trusting others with your fat and sugar intake. When I started my healthy eating quest, I realized that my kitchen wasn’t ready. Pots, Pans, a coffeemaker, and a stove were not enough equipment for chopping and shredding vegetables, and my refrigerator’s freezer was not appropriate for long term storage. Most of all, I needed a pantry of some sort, to store dried beans, rices, and bulk packages of herbs and seasonings.

Thanks to Ferratum UK, I have transformed my kitchen into a healthy eating paradise. After buying my freezer and food processor, I had enough left to get something special, so I bought a Yonanas 986 Elite Healthy Dessert Maker. After all, healthy eating doesn’t have to end pleasure, and I want to reward myself for changing my eating habits. Serving healthy desserts to family and friends may help convince them to join my cause, as well! I haven’t tried my dessert maker, yet, but I’ve invited a friend to join me for its maiden voyage.

Healthy eating shouldn’t feel like a punishment, especially with permanent changes. How do you reward your healthy eating habits?

Eating well as a Vegetarian

So we’ve talked in previous posts about the perils of not eating correctly and what it can do to your energy and physical capabilities. I think it’s important to reflect on a style of eating that has been around for thousands of years and yet still remains an option to combat obesity and other diseases such as heart disease. I’ve mentioned before reducing your intake of meat but what about reducing it to zero? I’ve read an article recently about the best ways to eat as a vegetarian for children and adults and how one might go about doing so. What are the nutrients that a vegetarian has to consider in their diet?

Protein, whole grains, vegetables, seeds and nuts, soy protein, iron, vitamin b12, vitamin d, calcium, and zinc.

These are the main things you need to maintain in order to stay healthy and also avoid other junk food because it is definitely easy to get into the habit of eating junk food in replace of meat protein. I think it is important to avoid unhealthy food if you are going to be vegetarian you need to realize why you are doing it as a health benefit partially regardless of your real motivations. Keep this in mind if you do attempt to become vegetarian and please check out this website for more information good diet habits. Especially in the UK where some of the food can be particularly meat heavy. But also a good selection of organic vegetables is available.

vegetarian as a healthy diet