Going beyond diets

These days after asking a friend how they are, the next logical question to ask is what diet are they on. All major magazines cover the new diet fad which certain movie stars may be trying out. First they started off by striking out fat. Eventually carbohydrates got cut out and then followed by gluten. Soon it was dairy products and then something else. It is surprising how every food form seems to be bad for you. And not eating something or the other seems to benefit you greatly.

Well, to look at food and diet as a concept, choose what you think is correct, not because some random person you know is following it. One diet that is perhaps the most preferential to follow on moral grounds is vegetarianism.


PETA may have pretty controversial advertisements however they are quite close to the truth. As tasty as meat products may be, the act of eating an animal that has been raised, force-fed and the slaughtered to feed your need for meat, is quite revolting. There are many farms where animals are grown in cages and fed food spiked with hormones simply so they grow bigger and meatier. In turn, when they are slaughtered to be made in to your hamburgers, these animals are not killed first put cut up straight away. The pain the animal goes through is beyond horrific proportions. Eating that meat as food is wrong on all fronts. After all, life is a cycle of karma. Inflicting so much pain on an animal for food is bound to come around one day or the other.