The humble banana

Bananas have for a long time been a part of Man’s staple diet. Horticulturists have speculated about bananas being the first fruit to be cultivated by Man. There have been records from early civilizations like Egypt describing how bananas have been cultivated and consumed. The health properties of the banana have inspired an entire field of study in Ayurveda.

It is however a growing concern that Man as an entire population has started moving away from fresh fruits and vegetable as a whole. Man has started resorting to chemically made and construed products and supplements for energy when the irony is that natural supplements have been in front of him from day one.

benefits of bananas - good for all.

Bananas are a huge source of energy. They are jam packed with carbohydrates and sugars that assist in the spontaneous bursts of energy required by athletes. Studies have actually been conducted comparing the use of bananas as a source of energy compared to energy drinks and other miscellaneous manufactured sources of energy consumed by athletes.  The findings were not in the least surprising that bananas were the healthier option. Energy drinks are in essence, carbonated drinks pump upped with glucose and sugars. They are sweet and provide you instant energy because of the sugar rush. Other than that, they provide nothing else. The chemical composition of these carbonated energy drinks erode teeth over time as well as cause a queasy bloated feeling which ultimately reduces the athletes productivity.  If you were to compare that to the intake of fruits for the same reason, bananas contain a high content of glycogen and glucose. However along with the sugars, there is a whole ton of fiber, vitamin B6 as well as potassium. With the well balanced composition, bananas not only pump up an athlete with energy, it also ensures that the energy you obtain is wholesome goodness.